Friendship Bracelet US-3
Travel Time: 16 d

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  • United States Shifa2018.03.03, 22:28:36
    Duuuude! These are amazing! OAO!!! I've been so sick over the last week and seeing this made my day really awesome. just woke up from a nap when my brother dropped the envelope on me. I love the pineapple one lots seeing as I struggle with the bracelets that are all bk/fk and fk/bk. The bigger cuff one is so lovely, big, and bright I'm going to love the texture it gives on my wrist. *u* I need to write a letter asap! Thank you so much!
  • Ukraine j_pluto2018.03.05, 07:07:17
    They look so soft and cozy *__*
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