Hi, I'm Kamu! nice to meet you!
I make and sell friendship bracelets via Instagram nowadays, I closed my etsy, and Bonzeye Studio closed. But I'm still here! The idea of swapping a bracelet sounds awesome! I moved across the USA with my mate and cat to La Grange Park. Been here two years! I work part time at a nearby grocery store, and play with my Switch Light a lot.

Thank you Kaori for mentioning this place on! For anyone wanting to look at photos of things I've made, please go to my profile there:
You can also message me if you'd like to see my personal Google photo album of bracelets from users on here and things I've made.

Here's the link to my instagram!

My favorite colors are red, hot pink, scarlet, teal, peach, citrus orange, lemon yellow, lime green, indigo, cream, sky blue, and blue-violet. I adore rainbow things and just bright colors in general! I use a lot of fun colors in what I make. I tend to make smaller bracelets, from 8 to 24 strings. I will appreciate any new pattern sent to me!
I try to spoil people I mail a bracelet to with sweets, my favorite teas, some small trinket from where I live, and/or a card with the bracelet sent. I love getting little gifts and surprises, tea, candy, anything you think is shiny.

I tend to hoard stickers, minerals/crystals, polysided dice, stim toys, beads, craft supplies, and floss. I'm a huge fan of Sailor Moon, Puella Madoka Magica, Magia Record, Digimon, Pokemon, Claymore, and Steven Universe. I also have a black cat! He's a good boy named Rise Above.

It is entirely fine if your English isn't the best, send me a message anyway! I I am really nice and patient. c: Feel free to ask me for clarification on my English or my slang as well. ^u^;;

I hope you have a wonderful day, safe travels, and an easy work shift! May your fridge and pantry be full, your bills paid on time, and your needs met! Take care of yourself!