Friendship Bracelet FR-25
Travel Time: 6 d

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  • United States Shifa2018.06.08, 21:55:46
    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAOMG i just... it's amazing!!! I'm a huge fan of everything Yukichan has posted so far and i'm ecstatic to get a bracelet from her!!! that is indeed a very cute owl, i put it on my computer monitor in the corner. and i would hoard bracelets like this to myself too. the ones that are vibrant, full of color and wonder; sometimes i can't bring myself to part with them. If you do come to the usa, Yukichan, try to visit some of the smaller cities and lesser known sites. You get nicer people there typically. If i ever got money to travel, i wonder what would be worth seeing in France? I hope your classes aren't too taxing and you're able to keep up! Best wishes! And thank you so much! I'm wearing it already!
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