“Pocahontas” Friendship Bracelet (Triangles with Fringes)

1. You can use the remains of threads from previous works by making this bracelet.
You will need:
- 10 threads (wrist size + ties x2 + 5cm spare)
- remains of threads starting from 10cm in length. Better use the ones forming a gradient (but not necessarily).
The main thing is that the colors should match well with each other. The thickness of the threads may vary slightly.
2. Gather the base threads into a bunch and braid one tie (I made a “fishtail” tie, but you can make any tie you like).
Next, fasten the tie with a binder clip so that only the bunch of threads is visible and make one part of the beginning of a Candy (Diamond) friendship bracelet.
This is what it should look like:
3. Now we’re going to add our small pieces of threads by making forward knots with them on the base threads. It is better to tie them in suspension not to waste their length.
Take the first piece of small thread and make a knot on the base thread as shown in the picture. Tighten it carefully while holding the base thread well.
You should pull and tighten the longer end of the thread, not the shorter one while making the knot.
4. As a result you will get such a knot:
5. You should slide this knot all the way up. Next, take this small thread and make forward knots on the other base threads until just one base thread is left.
6. Make a backward-forward knot on the last base thread, so the small thread changes its position. Put these threads aside and continue to the next part of making this bracelet.
7. Repeat steps 3 to 6 using the next color and put the last two threads aside.
8. Continue making knots with other colors until only the first base thread remains
9. Now take the thread we used last and make a backward knot on the base thread.
10. You should get a triangle from three knots as a result:
11. Now make backward knots with the colored threads on the base thread. You will get a slightly stretched diamond:
12. Take a pair of sharp scissors and cut the fringes of the diamond as shown in the picture. Don’t cut the base threads! :-)
13. The finished rapport looks like this:
14. Now take a thread of another gradient color and mirror steps 3 to 6 on the right side. Straighten the rows if needed.
15. Once again cut the fringes of the next diamond. Repeat steps 3 to 15 until you get the necessary length of your friendship bracelet. Finish the bracelet by mirroring step 2 and make the second tie.
16. Your friendship bracelet is ready!
Additional Information:
The author of the "Pocahontas" friendship bracelet, the text and all the photographs is Elanor_Quentarie.
Author: Isami
Category: Jewelry for Hands - Normal Pattern Friendship Bracelets
Published: 2018.02.28
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