Candy (Diamond) Friendship Bracelet (Detailed Tutorial)

1. This tutorial will be useful for those who want to start and finish a bracelet in a fancy way. The technique described in this tutorial can be handy in making other bracelets.
First of all, take six threads of six different colors.
The length of each should be as follows:
(wrist length + ties’ length) x2 + 10cm for the loop at the beginning and the knots at the ends of the ties.
Fold the threads in half and make a loop in the middle.
2. Think of the way the threads should be ordered by color beforehand (especially if you want to use colors forming a gradient).
Take the first color you want the first diamond to be and make a backward-forward knot* on the left bunch of threads. Put this thread aside and take the next color.

*In the picture I showed the second part of making the backward-forward knot, so you could see the direction of the thread.
3. Make a similar knot next. I didn’t tighten it for you to see how it’s done.
4. After you’re done making knots with all the colors you’ll have this as a result (we call it a “left-sided candy”).
5. Put aside the left bunch of threads and proceed to the right one. Make forward-backward knots* starting with the same color as used on the left bunch of threads.

*you can see the first part of this knot in the photo
6. Now make the second part of the forward-backward knot.

Try to tighten all the threads with the same amount of strength, so the edge could be even.

You can tie all this knots with just forward knots on the left bunch of threads and backward ones on the right side, but using forward-backward and backward-forward ones makes it look more even.
7. After repeating steps 5-6 with the other colors you will get a “right-sided candy”.
8. Now make a forward knot on the first thread on the right.
9. Thus we connect the “right-sided” and “left-sided” candies.
You can see the tightened knot in the picture.

Tie the first connecting knot very carefully, because it can stretch and twist.
10. Make another forward knot on the next thread.
11. Continue making forward knots using the first color and then put this color aside.
12. Now make backward knots on the other side.
13. Make backward knots on all the threads in the left row. Put aside the threads with which you made the knots.
14. Now take the next pair of threads and make a forward knot.
15. Continue making forward knots. The last knot should be a forward-backward one.
16. Put these two strings aside:
17. Mirror steps 15-16 on the left side.
18. Take the next color and make knots on the remaining threads. The last ones should be forward-backward and backward-forward ones on the right and left sides correspondingly.
19. Make a forward knot with the last two threads in the middle.
20. Now we need to finish our diamond. For that make a backward knot on the thread in the middle.
21. Repeat the same on the left side and you’ll get a diamond as in the picture:
22. Do the same with the next color.
23. And, finally, make knots on both sides using the first color.
24. Now we need to finish our candy (diamond).
For that take the second thread from the corner and make a forward-backward knot on the first corner thread.
I showed the first part of this knot.
25. Make the second part of the forward-backward knot and make a bunch from the two threads.
26. Now take the next thread and make a forward-backward knot on the bunch of threads.
27. Important!
These knots should be tightened well and evenly so that each new color doesn’t overlap with the previous one. The bunch of threads should be pulled in the right direction so that no gaps appear between the last row of knots and the closing row of the candy.
28. Repeat steps 26-27 adding a new color to the bunch each time. The closed right side of the candy looks like this:
29. Mirror steps 24-28 on the left side ( the closing knots will be backward-forward ones this time).
So now you’ve closed the candy. This is the first rapport of the future friendship bracelet.
30. Now put all the threads in a bunch, take the next color and repeat steps 2-7.
31. You can see the new order of threads in the picture. Make another candy repeating steps 2-29. The pattern will shift thus by one color.
32. The second candy looks like this:
33. Continue making candies, changing the starting colors each time.
You can change the colors at the beginning of each candy as you please. Only make sure that they are symmetrical, otherwise you won’t get a diamond pattern as a result.
34. I made this friendship bracelet so it could fit as a collar for my cat and could freely slide on and off when needed.
I also added a button which matched the size of the loop.
Additional Information:
The author of the original tutorial is Elanor_Quentarie.
There are no photos here yet.