Candy (Diamond) Ties for a Friendship Bracelet

1. If you have about 10-20 cm of thread left after making the ties of your friendship bracelet, you can make such candy (diamond) pieces at the ends of them.
In this tutorial I’m going to show a version for a symmetrical number of threads (i.e. you have an even number of threads, two of each color).
For starters, make a knot at the end of your tie (I’ve made a fishtail), but don’t cut off the extra threads.
Separate the threads into two parts and place the threads in the desired order.
2. Next, make a left-sided candy arranging the threads in the desired order.
3. Mirror step 2 on the other side.
4. Take the threads in the middle and make two rows as seen in the picture:
5. Put these threads aside and knot arrows with the rest of the threads as seen in the picture.
6. Now take the threads from step 4 and close the pattern by making two rows to the center.
7. Close the pattern from each side. You should get two bunches of threads as a result.
8. Take the longest thread (or any one you like if they are all of the same length). Put the rest of the threads in a bunch.
9. Now to the hardest step: wrap the thread around the bunch three or four times so that there is enough space for the thread to slip through the coils.
10. Slip the thread through the coils and make sure they don’t get tangled. For that, hold the coils at the bottom with your finger and carefully slip the thread through each coil at a time.
The photo demonstrates what you should get as a result.
Now carefully pull the second coil to tighten the first one. Repeat the same with the third coil and then the fourth one.
Finally, pull the end of the thread through the coils.
11. Cut off the excess threads.
12. Your candy (diamond) piece is ready!
You can also make any pattern you like as long as it correlates with the colors and the number of threads. You can also make the rows in one direction to get a striped diamond.
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The author of the original tutorial is Elanor_Quentarie.
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Published: 2018.03.11
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    This is incredible! Very impressive, and a beautiful method of finishing bracelets.
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