A Feather Piece for Friendship Bracelet Ties or a Bookmark

1. You can use such a feather for you friendship bracelet’s ties, for the end of a bookmark or for a dream catcher.
You’ll need 12 threads of 6 different colors that make up a gradient (but not necessarily). Each thread should be 20-30 cm long.
2. Separate the bunch into two parts: 6 threads of each color in each part.
3. Make a right-sided candy.
4. Make a left-sided candy.
5. Take the two strings in the middle and make backward and forward knots on the left and right sides correspondingly.
6. Next, make knots according to this pattern:
7. This is what it should look like after making seven rows:
8. Continue making knots according to the pattern.
9. Now tie a knot on each of the threads very carefully, so that they are very close to the knotted rows.
10. Tie a knot holding it close to the rows.
Don’t pull on the threads too hard not to spoil your work.
Don’t make the knots too flimsy or they might untie themselves.
11. Cut the extra threads, but not too close to the knots so they don’t untie.
12. And you’re done!
Additional Information:
The author of the original tutorial is Elanor_Quentarie.
There are no photos here yet.