The goal of this project is to connect people interested in handicraft and making friendship bracelets.

On this site you can send a friendship bracelet to a random person who loves friendship bracelets and receive a friendship bracelet from another random member in return. So for every bracelet you send, you’ll receive one back. You can also share your ideas in needlework, sewing, and other handicraft by creating your own tutorials.

How to Exchange Friendship Bracelets?

Please create an account first to start exchanging friendship bracelets. It’s free!

1. Sending a Friendship Bracelet.

On the ‘Send a Bracelet’ page you can get an address of a random member and the friendship bracelet’s IN (Individual Number) (for example, RU-102). After that prepare a letter with the bracelet and place the IN of the bracelet in the letter (this is important). The IN can be written on a separate piece of paper or a postcard. Then all you have to do is mail the letter with the friendship bracelet to the recipient from your local post office. Please, ask at the post office about the best acceptable way to send your bracelet.

2. Receiving a Friendship Bracelet.

After receiving your bracelet the other person should register it on this site on the ‘Register a Bracelet’ page where he should write the friendship bracelet’s IN which you specified in the letter and add a photo of your friendship bracelet.

3. Verifying the Friendship Bracelet.

After registering the friendship bracelet the sender (you) will get a message with a link to the friendship bracelet’s page. Follow the link and check if the photo contains the bracelet you sent. After you finish checking, the recipient will get a message about your accepting or declining the bracelet.

As soon as the recipient registers your bracelet you can also get bracelets from other members. Don’t forget to register each bracelet, because the recipient is dependent on you to receive friendship bracelets back. The more bracelets you send, the more you receive. Don’t forget about the quality of your bracelet: the most liked bracelets are displayed on the home page.

How to Create a Tutorial?

1. Create an account on this website. It’s free!
2. Go to the ‘Tutorials’ page and click on the button ‘Create a Tutorial’.

Before creating any tutorials, please check out the rules on creating tutorials to get an understanding of the process of reviewing and publishing them.