Macrame-bracelet Violetta

1. To make such a bracelet you’ll need:

- 2 purple cords - 140 см
- 1 pink cord - 140 см
- 1 violet cord - 140 см
- a button
- scissors
2. Fold the cords in half and tie a knot.
3. First we’re going to make a loop for the button. Separate the cords in two parts as seen in the picture. Next, take one purple cord, put it on top of the violet, pink and other purple one and then place the end of it through the hole. Tug on this purple cord and tie a knot.
4. Now take the same purple cord and put it under the three remaining ones and, as before, tie another knot. This knot is called a Lark’s Head Knot.
5. Continue tying lark’s head knots until you’ve made a loop that could fit your button. Untie the big knot we made at the beginning and fold the loop like this:
6. Now we’re going to make a square knot on the right side as seen in the photo:
7. Repeat the same knot on the left side.
8. Place the cords as seen in the photo and make a square knot using the pink cord.
9. Tighten it like this:
10. Repeat step 8 and make another knot.
11. Now we need to separate the cords in two parts like this:
12. Take the purple cords as in the photo and tie a square knot:
13. Repeat the same on the other side.
14. Now take the violet cords and as in step 8 make a square knot with them.
15. Repeat steps 12-13 and continue doing the same steps.
16. Add a button or tie a big knot at the end so the loop can hold it well.
17. And we’re done!
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