"Friendship Braid"

1. In this tutorial we are going to make a fairly easy friendship bracelet, so even a beginner can manage making it. We will need three different colors (four threads each). The length of each thread should be one meter. (You can take any amount of threads you like).
Arrange the threads in such an order.
2. Take the blue thread on the right and make a forward knot with it on the brown thread.
3. Next, take the second blue thread and this time make forward knots on the two brown threads.
4. Take the third blue thread and make forward knots on the three brown threads and then with the last blue thread make the same knots on the four brown threads.
You should get such a triangle as a result:
5. Next, take the yellow thread on the far right side and make backward knots with it on all the blue threads.
6. Repeat step 5 with all the yellow threads.
7. Return to the brown threads and mirror the knots in steps 5-6.
8. Continue making the segments of the braid (blue-yellow-brown) until you reach the desired length.
Make the ties for the bracelet and it’s ready!
Additional Information:
The author of the original tutorial is Isami.
There are no photos here yet.