Fluffy Friendship Bracelet (Carpet Weaving Technique)

1. You can make a fancy fluffy friendship bracelet using leftover threads from previous bracelets.
You will need:
- threads for the base (the length is calculated as for the base threads for an alpha pattern bracelet, so you don’t need any extra measurements);
- one thread for the background color (better take a whole ball of threads);
- leftover threads of different color (from 2.5 cm in length).
2. Make a standard alpha pattern bracelet beginning (use as many threads for the base as you like). Try to make the rows even so it would be easier to do the next steps.
When you’re done, put the background thread aside. Now cut the colored leftover threads about 2.5-4 cm each. This is done to minimize the amount of leftovers while working on this bracelet.
3. Take the first base thread on the right side and one of the pieces of “fur” (I’m going to make a rainbow bracelet, so I start with the red color). Fold the small thread in half and place it on your finger as seen in the picture:
The base thread should be held taut. 
4. With your other hand place the ends of the small thread through the loop and pull them not so tightly.
5. While holding the base thread in tension pull the knot of the “fur” all the way up.
6. Repeat the previous steps and add new pieces of “fur”.
7. Now let’s get back to the background color thread. Make a backward knot with it on the first thread on the right side, thus going round the knot of the “fur”.
8. Continue making knots with the background thread till the end of the row.
Make the knots even, so the friendship bracelet looks nice and neat.
9. Repeat steps 3 to 8 until you reach the right length. It is ok that the “fur” is different in length here. We will fix that later.
10. This is what the bracelet looks like on the other side. We can see that the background color holds the “fur” nicely.
11. Finish the friendship bracelet in any way you like and then cut off the excess “fur” to the length you need.
Additional Information:
The author of the original tutorial is Elanor_Quentarie.
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