Hello I'm YukiChan !

I'm a French biologist and I love cats :p. I started making bracelets in 2010. I appreciate every colors and particularly bright colors. I prefer thin bracelets (0,8 to 1,5 cm) so that I can put more on my wrist :D (but I also like larger ones don't worry if you want to make one). Anyway, choose the pattern of bracelet you want, with the colors you want, and I will be happy :D.

You can follow me on Instagram :

Important information : If possible, print my address in Chinese and in English and paste it on the enveloppe. If you can't, simply write it in English (don't try to copy the Chinese characters if you don't know how to write them, even I wouldn't :p)

WARNING : Do not send me tea, I'm not sure it's allowed to send it to Taiwan. Thanks