__( .)> You may call me Samm or Samantha :]
\___)~~~ I  am: female - 26 yrs old - from the Netherlands.

Hey everyone! I have been making bacelets since 2012, and I am a moderator on since 2014. That's also where I heard about this website!

Just a hint for everyone that does Worldwide Exchange, it's very useful to put some text in English on your profile, like favourite colours, so we get an inspiration on what to make for you :)

The material I used mostly is soft acrylic yarn, but now I use pearl cotton a lot!
My favourite colours are probably purples, rainbows, black/red/white combinations.
Don't worry about that though, I will be happy with anything you create for me!

* I see some people add extra's to their mail:
<div>I love and collect postcards of any kind, they are always welcome, esp. if you write on them too!</div><div>
</div><div>*Link to my Swap-Bot profile for more info about me (and for anyone interested in sending postcards and goodies around the world!)</div><div></div><div>
</div><div>*Link to my Friendship Bracelets profile if you want to look at the stuff I make: </div>
No worries about spoilers, I won't upload any Friend-Bird bracelets before they arrive to you!