Hi! My name is Ree, I'm from the beautiful city of Lviv. I study biology but I love science in general, especially beautiful math things like fractals or golden ratio.

I make friendship bracelets for over 8 years now, my main place to post my work is here I plan moving to tumblr or instagram some time later.

You can choose whatever pattern you like from fb or bb.
(note: I don't have a bracelet which shows that I'm hufflepuff. If you want, you can make simple check ( with yellow and black colors)

I like kumihimo too.

I'm not a keen on bright colors, I like dull, muted ones. My favourite colors is brown and dark blue.
My favourite color combinations are:
∙sea colors
∙grey with any color
∙fire colors
∙try something, maybe I'll love it

My wrist size is from 14 up to 20 cm.

Thank you so much for your bracelets!

If you need more information on the things I like, visit my postcrossing. It tells a great deal
Also you can visit my fb favourites
I also like everything that I can put in my scrapbook-diary, so any stickers/tickets/drawings are welcome. If you want, you can draw fox or dragon for me. c: fenix_ree

Мои хотелки в вк.

Те, кто из России. Я собираю открытки от Гнедковой Лены ( и Зелёной лампочки ( Я буду вам безмерно благодарен за любые экземпляры.