My name's Marie-Anja, more usually named Anja.
<div>I'm a 21YO student in languages, currently living in France for a few months.</div><div>
</div><div>I'll like any kind of bracelet you'll send me :D Please avoid shiny or neon thread, they are the only thing I don't really like in bracelets... :)
</div><div>I like to send "goodies" with my bracelets (when I do not forget to add them in the enveloppes x.x'), and I'm a music-addict :)</div><div>
</div>I'm looking for one or two people for a private swap this Summer, to have a challenge during my holiday :D PM me!
</div><div>PLEASE! Do not add tracking numbers on your enveloppes! My boyfriend often get my letters for me, and can't get these since we don't have the same family name...</div><div>
</div>Happy knotting!