Friendship Bracelet Exchange F.A.Q.

– Why am I not receiving any friendship bracelets?

To receive friendship bracelets from other users you should first send at least one friendship bracelet. The more bracelets you send, the more chances are that your address will be displayed to another sender.

Moreover, please check if the bracelet exchange feature is activated in your account (‘Settings’ – ‘Address’ – ‘I wish to participate in the bracelet exchange’). It may be automatically deactivated if you haven’t visited the site for a week.

It may be also possible that your address has been blocked because of other users’ complaints. To check if it’s true, visit your ‘Profile’ page and make sure there are no notifications about it at the top of the page.

– What if I won’t be able to participate in the bracelet exchange for some time?

Untick the ‘I wish to participate in the bracelet exchange’ option on the ‘Settings’ – ‘Address’ page. Thus your address will be unavailable for other users. You can activate it again anytime.

– How can I exchange bracelets with the whole world?

On the ‘Settings’ – ‘Address’ page select the ‘Worldwide exchange’ option and write your address in latin letters in the field so other users could understand and write your address correctly.

Tutorial Creating F.A.Q.

– How can I get updates for the tutorials I reviewed?

You can subscribe for updates on the tutorial’s page. On the ‘Settings’ – ‘Profile’ page you can also activate this feature for all the tutorials you’ve reviewed, complained on or approved.

– What’s a tutorial URL code?

A tutorial URL code is part of the link to a tutorial which contains only its transliterated version. Here’s an example. The URL code is in bold letters:

F.A.Q. About the Site

– What can I write in my profile?

In your profile you can write something about yourself: your hobbies, interests, things that inspire you, the place where you live, etc. You can also write what kinds of friendship bracelets you like, so other users could send one to you. However, it shouldn’t be a demand. You mustn’t write inappropriate things in your profile like insults, advertisements, etc.

– Can I change my username?

You can’t change the whole username. You can only correct it once if you made a mistake in writing it.

– How can I change my avatar?

You can change your avatar on the ‘Settings’ – ‘Avatar’ page. Select a square image from your computer and press the ‘Upload’ button.

– How can I unblock my interlocutor?

You can unblock another person on the ‘Settings’ – ‘Bans’ page.

– Why are there asterisks instead of my username?

If you see asterisks instead of your username it means that multiple users have complained on your username being inappropriate (containing vulgar words, for instance).

– I forgot my username. How can I login?

Try to login using the email you wrote when registering on this site. If you remember any of your bracelets’ IN you can open a page of one of them by writing a link like this (the bracelet IN is in bold letters):

– Why doesn’t the time match the actual time when I write messages, review tutorials, etc?

You’ve probably chosen the wrong time zone. You can change it on the ‘Settings’ – ‘Account’ page.

– I’ve just registered a new bracelet/published a new tutorial. Why doesn’t it show up in the statistics?

The statistics are updated once in 24 hours, at night.