Friendship Bracelet US-1
Travel Time: 6 d

User Comments

  • United States iveg0tfangz2018.02.15, 20:28:27
    I received this in the mail today! Beautiful! Thank you, @Shifa!
  • Belarus Tranqunic2018.02.15, 21:35:35
    Yay! The first friendship bracelet from the USA! :) I love the colors. :)
  • Russia tverdy_znak2018.02.16, 17:35:10
    Wonderful colors!) Cool braslet
  • Ukraine Elanor_Quentarie2018.02.16, 19:18:17
    Awesome thing! Look like tasty cake.
  • Russia Catness2018.02.17, 14:50:51
    Woow.So awesome.
  • Ukraine Ree2018.02.17, 16:23:57
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