Friendship Bracelet UA-14
Travel Time: 1 m, 2 d

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  • United States Shifa2018.03.13, 18:27:49
    AAA OMIGOSH I LOVE THIS! I'm so happy I got this that I nearly cried. My cat Rise is sniffing the contents, you do know cats are nosy, right? I love the stamps used for the letter, the coloring sheet postcard, the cool needlepoint photo postcard sent with a lovely note! I'm gonna hang the postcards up on my wall. <3 And this alpha bracelet is amazing Juli! Thank you very much! I will treasure all of these wonderful things sent to me! thank you, thank you, thank you so much!
  • Latvia Tranqunic2018.03.13, 22:27:26
    Wow, that's a wonderful one! The pattern is neat! And I just love reading happy comments from people who have received a bracelet. ^^
  • Netherlands Mariska19762018.03.17, 19:50:59
    OMG,love this pattern.
  • Spain Knotilicious2018.03.19, 01:03:59
    Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?! Soooo beautiful! I'm shook! xD
  • Russia Omsunoo2018.03.24, 09:35:19
    So strange-beautiful pattern! 
    Странный и довольно залипательный рисунок
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