Friendship Bracelet RU-88
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  • United States Shifa2018.05.11, 20:13:08
    i gasped when i got this. i'm crying... it's perfect. a bit loose, but with nice tails to fidget with. I love the color changing floss! To Respond to the letter since i don't have international stamps: Your english is perfectly fine, i understood it well! I hope your classes go smoothly; i wonder what subject you will teach? I like to knot fenechkas as i learned you guys call them that in russia, play video games like stardew valley, league of legends, armello, and minecraft; i like to eat good food and learn about others, and spend time with my boyfriend. The weather was nice and sunny on monday but has turned to cold, foggy weather with lots of rain. the lilacs are blooming now and the smell lovely. I am disabled and receive welfare to survive on. i make a bit of extra money selling my bracelets. Tyvm for the bracelet! My day has been rough so it's cheering me on greatly!
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