Friendship Bracelet RU-235
Travel Time: 13 d

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  • France YukiChan2018.05.26, 08:53:45
    Hello Alina :D ! Usually I don't like being woken up by the postman on saturday morning but when it's for getting such a letter it makes me happy :D. That's fun because the last bracelet I made was to try this pattern (but it was not for me so I haven't got any bracelet of this kind yet !). Yours is very cute and I really like the colors. Actually everything is cute on your enveloppe, the cat, the postcards, even the tape :3. The tea will be tasted this weekend and maybe one day I'll try to cook pelmeni ;). I hope one day you'll be able to visit Paris (and Lyon !). So THANK YOU very much and welcome to Tanya !!! <3
  • Germany xierlix2018.10.21, 13:45:48
    Nice colours!
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